Growing Small Businesses & Nonprofit Organizations

The Challenge

Too often, mission-driven organizations and companies have improvised processes and procedures. Smaller or newer entities typically take a reactive approach towards change and growth, creating what they believe to be “good enough” systems to address their current situation. These types of operational inefficiencies can create legal liabilities, perceptions of incompetence among stakeholders, lack of clarity for staff, and most importantly an inability to adequately serve their targeted populations. 

Passion and quality services (or products) alone cannot sustain a business. Small businesses and nonprofit organizations must invest in a solid and empirically sound infrastructure to truly support the growth and sustainability of the organization.

The Solution

Presentation is Everything, LLC offers business and operations management services to nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Our work focuses on building a business’ infrastructure by identifying logistics, processes, and practices needed to develop and sustain a solid foundation for growth. Our services include executive-level assistance, finance management & bookkeeping, HR support, and organization development. 

The Method

Presentation is Everything, LLC collaborates with business leaders to get the results they desire, without compromising the integrity and longevity of their business structure. We view our role as instrumental to fine toning the inter-workings of the business, so that leadership can better work on the business, and staff can better work in the business. We tailor our services and payment schedules to specifically support nonprofit organizations and small businesses predominantly owned by persons from marginalized groups (people of color, women, veterans, persons with disabilities, members of the LGBTQ community, etc.).

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