Lenise received a BA in Psychology from SIUC, an MBA from Northern IL University, and a Masters of International Management from ENAE Business School in Murcia, Spain. She has served as Business Manager at University of Chicago, Operations Director at CAASE, and DOO at Kindling Group.

Presentation Is Everything LLC was founded by Lenise S. Lee in April 2019. Our mission is to facilitate opportunities for economic development and sustainable wealth in underserved populations and communities. As a Black woman raised on Chicago’s Southside, our Founder and CEO has always believed that it is our responsibility to help us, help us.

Our company’s work centers on strengthening a business infrastructure to create a sustainable business foundation. By implementing evidence-based practices, policies, procedures, and systems (customized for each client) we increase the viability of nonprofits organizations and small businesses. We help them survive, and thrive, thereby creating a positive economic impact on their communities. 

Presentation Is Everything LLC operate under the proverb, “ give a man a fish, and he will eat for a day, teach a man to fish, and he will eat for a lifetime”. 

We envisions a society where entities lead by the underserved are well served, and companies that cater to the disadvantaged, have every advantage themselves.