The Challenge

It is difficult starting and growing a business. Entrepreneurs and business leaders have so many competing priorities that they often end up making reactive and ineffective decisions, rather than implementing proactive strategies. These leaders are doing their very best with the knowledge, tools, and time they have. Unfortunately, even when businesses have fantastic products or services, operating inefficiently increases the likelihood of business failure.

The Solution

Presentation is Everything, LLC offers business and operations management services to nonprofit organizations and small businesses. Our work focuses on building a business’ infrastructure by identifying logistics, processes, and practices needed to develop and sustain a solid foundation for growth. Our services include organization development, online business development, finance management & bookkeeping, and HR support.

The Method

We collaborate with business leaders to get the results they desire, without compromising the integrity of their business. We view our role as instrumental to fine toning the inner-workings of the business, so that leadership can better work on the business, and staff can better work in the business. We tailor our services and payment schedules to specifically support nonprofit organizations and small businesses predominantly owned by persons from marginalized groups.

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